IDEA WORLD – Webinar #1

Lives are profoundly changed by the Coronavirus Pandemic.In this time, perhaps more than ever, IDEA provides a community offering mutual support and shared energy. This webinar is the first in a series to start conversations and encourage exchange of ideas.

5 Replies to “IDEA WORLD – Webinar #1”

  1. Get me informed in the future too.
    Incredible program and a fantastic idea. Best, Scoobyboobydooby …. yes, this is a pseudonym …. call me Maria!

    1. Dear pbs, we are not able to tell you the exact date. But you can be sure
      there will be another webinar. There is so much to talk about, so many things which need research,
      there are so many people who want to get connected …. even in distance!
      Great to read more of your thoughts.
      Thanks for answering!
      IDEA AUSTRIA – Team

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