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wonderful projects in schools ….Primary – Secondary I and IIalso an Elementary level project Thanks to the teachers for their commitment!Thanks to the school principals for making it possible!Big thanks to all the students & pupils participating, who make us feel it is meaningful to use theatal forms of teaching and learning. Griechische Sagen –Die ….  Read More

Congratulations 2023

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Dear theater friends & lovers,We are very happy to receive your message and your congratulations for New Year 2023. We gladly return these good wishes to you and your members!The past years have been challenging and laborious. We sincerely hope that the good contacts will be re-established and that representatives of our institutions will meet ….  Read More


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Peter SELLARS, USAOpera, Theatre and Festival Director Peter Sellars, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) is an opera, theatre and festival director who has gained international renown for his ground-breaking and transformative interpretations of classics, advocacy of 20th century and contemporary music, and collaborative projects with an extraordinary range of creative and performing artists. His work ….  Read More

What about?

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Tell us about your experiences! What is IDEA to you? Do you know the difference between IDEA Austria and IDEA International? Are there experiences about performances or trainings? What would you like to ask? What would you like to suggest? Feel free to tell us anything about!

World Alliance for Arts Education Message Concerning Recent Violence Around the World

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World Alliance for Arts Education Message Concerning Recent Violence Around the World 10 March 2022 The World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE), a global network for associations representing arts educators worldwide, notes with grief the ongoing conflicts that cause such havoc and pain for human beings. This violence denies youth and their communities the simple experiences of peace, education, ….  Read More