European Theatre Activities – first months of 2020

There are a lot of activities you should know about. We have to thank Joke E. for her good work around those activities. If you want to participate in a festival, please call us for details.


28 February – 1 March, Kiev, Ukraine: 3rd PRO – ACT Festival, all performances should be in English, Theme: limit / less –

4 – 8 March, Formento, Cuba: XXX1 Olga Alonso Amateur Theatre Festival, small performances of max. 45 min., indoor/outdoor, max. 8 persons, youth; call us for details

30 March – 5 April, Friedrichshafen am Bodensee, Germany: 36th Theatertage am See theme: Solo Duo Trio Quadro; all kinds of theatre and projects

7 – 10 May, Plunge, Lithuania: 12th LITTLE MELPOMENE International Children & Youth Theatre Festival laboratory – call us for details

7 – 11 May, Alba Iulia, Romania: APOLLO Festival, ages 18 – 39; call us for details

14 – 17 May, Stuttgart, Germany: 2nd International Amateur Theatre Festival AMAFEST theme “theatre without borders” small groups with short plays; call us for details

20 – 25 May, Kathmandu, Nepal: PRAGYA LALABALA 3rd Kathmandu International Children’s Theatre; call us for details

27 – 31 May, Brixen, South-Tirol, Italy: SAPPERLOT International Meeting of Youth Theatre; call us for details

June – July, Dublin & Kildare, Ireland: Teenage Stage We will rock you musical theatre course 11 – 18 years; call us for details

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  1. Dear IDEA family, dear sympathizers, dear fellow travellers,
    we pass on informations here. IDEA is a not the hosting organization.
    Under the current circumstances we ask you to contact the organizers directly if you have any questions. If necessary we will gladly arrange a contact.

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