Concept of Prevention

Educational work with the arts, the media of cultural education, is associated with particular
challenge when it comes to protection from abuse, violence or psychological injury. Similar
to sport, in many artistic disciplines such as theater, dance or music, physical closeness, but
also an emotional opening of the participants is essential. This can involve risk situations and
boundary violations.

Please, read the concept!

Text: Akademie der Kulturelle Bildung – [29.Feb. 2024];
Bild: www,

2 Replies to “Concept of Prevention”

  1. Sorry, this entry was made to the wrong page …. but I am looking how to move to the Conference Venue! You are the best!

    I think it is very, very important that you have made this entry. There are now protection concepts and handouts for children and young people on how to work in parks. That is good and important. Adults can take more responsibility for themselves, their actions and more – but in some areas they may not know enough about what is expected of them.
    So I can prepare myself and think things through. I am aware of what to expect. Also and above all in a positive sense. Thank you, dear IDEA AUSTRIA team, this really is a wonderful innovation!

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