A GIMMICK for all members of IDEA AUSTRIA

IDEA Austria likes their members. We have seen so many of you participating in the 23rd Online Conference in March 2021. We want to get in contact to you – starting with the new season in September 2021. Keep it up!

What we have created – especcially for you!

… a calendar for all IDEA AUSTRIA members, exclusively IDEA USTRIA members.

What do you find in this calender?

news – exercise material for online & offline training – every month NEW – especially and exclusively created for IDEA AUSTRIA – theme fitting to the month

Become a member!
Membership applications on the website!
IDEA AUSTRIA is looking forward to meet you in the next online & offline events!

Get the calender 2021/22!! Give us your comments here in the comment box! Thanks for reply and participation!

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