EUROPE Meeting 2020

23. – 25. Oktober 2020

IDEA Austria applied to host the Europe Meeting and Vienna was chosen by the majority of the IDEA partner countries.
Now the current situation does not make it easy for us. Nobody can say whether it will be possible to travel internationally again in October. Even if it is allowed, will our IDEA colleagues dare to meet each other?

Be sure we will try to do our best to make this meeting successful and effective. We hope to meet you face-to-face in Vienna and we will show IDEA as a vivid and fruitful association!

7 Replies to “EUROPE Meeting 2020”

    1. you can register by clicking on the link, there you have to leave your name and a mail-adress; then you will be informed about all activities. Good luck! Hopefully we will see each other! 🙂

    1. Dear Rose-Mary, thanks a lot for your question. Hard times, but we will use all our energy to make this Meeting happen. From which country are you? Are you in an organisation dealing with IDEA?

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